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Cleansolve Green

The cleaning and conservation of green spaces and forestry are a priority to cleansolve.
We have our personal means and personnel to undertake the following activities:

Land Clearing;

Forest Clearing;

Clearing berms, slopes, ditches;

Aqueducts, water lines, streams

Maintanence, conservation of green spaces

Land Cleaning is compulsary!
According to the law, it is the responsability of the land owners, tenants and entities that own land, to carry out cleaning and clearing.
Failure to comply to the law can be subjected to fines that may go up to 60.000.00€.

Cleansolve, enviromentally friendly cleaning!
Forrest cleaning should be dane ecologically and responsibly protecting the oldest species, maintaining the main vegetation wich in turn, reduces the enviromental damages caused by fires.

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