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Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services

Cleansolve lda. developes disinfection interventions, that are complementary to cleaning services which are focused on the reinforcement of disinfection, of critical and semi-critical surfaces and spaces, in order to prevent the spread of various harmful agentes, such as SARS and COVID -19


The purpose of this service is to combat the “dirt” microbiology ( bacterias, virus and fungus )

The disinfection of Cleansolve service areas, is a preventative measure and highly recommended for frequented facilities and areas that are continuousley exposed to various people, such as,

  • Offices spaces
  • Commercial establishments
  • Sports Installations
  • Gymnasuims
  • Condominiums
  • Hotel units
  • Public Spaces
  • Public Services
  • Public transport and vehicles
  • Industrial sites

Withourt health risks and friendly to the environment
Disinfection interventions that are isolated and repeated on critcal and semi- critcal spaces are preferential to “indiscriminate” disinfection on a larger scale.
In this way we avoid all adverse effects on the enviorement and health, which are derived from the usage of large quantaties of Boicides.

Please Note, Disinfection does not substitute for cleaning, which should be carried out completely, being that the result is not visible ( as microorganisms are present even if the surface areas appear to be clean.)

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