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Business Cleaning

Business Cleaning

The office, service desk or boardroom, are one of the most important brand images of a company. It is essential to present a good image to your customers, suppliers and bussiness partners, cleanliness and hygiene should therefore be a priority.

A space that is clean and hygienic is a contributing factor to the well being and motivation of employees and to the team productivity.

The cleansolve timelines and checklists, are developed wiith clients indetail so as to reduce productivity losses.






Cleansolve, environmentally friendly.
We take measures to use working methods and products that are eco-froendly.

Building site cleanup

Building site cleanup

Whether it be a new construction project or renovation, upon conclusion there will always be leftover dust, cement, dirt, paint drops, glue varnish, etc, an varied surfaces, each have a specified means of cleaning.
Cleansolve offers a complete service, provided by profesionals and specialized products and equipment.
We offer our clients the possibility of having a record of the before / after by means of photographs.

.Initial construction;




A correct cleanup after construction is of great value to your investiment, whether it is in the visit of future buyers or for your convenience when housing the Property.

Cleansolve, enviroment friendly cleaning.
The waste resulting from our services are separated in our facilities, everything recyclabe follows the same process, the remainder goes to an authorized scrapyard.

Events Cleaning

Events Cleaning

When organizing a public or private event with public reception, know that you can count on us. We provide personnel, equipment and products to ensure cleaning services before, during and after the event. We garantee high standards of cleanliness quality and availability, ensuring a careful presentantion of the space.







.Cultural and sporting events.

We garantee affordability and success to the events promotor!

Cleansolve Green

The cleaning and conservation of green spaces and forestry are a priority to cleansolve.
We have our personal means and personnel to undertake the following activities:

Land Clearing;

Forest Clearing;

Clearing berms, slopes, ditches;

Aqueducts, water lines, streams

Maintanence, conservation of green spaces

Land Cleaning is compulsary!
According to the law, it is the responsability of the land owners, tenants and entities that own land, to carry out cleaning and clearing.
Failure to comply to the law can be subjected to fines that may go up to 60.000.00€.

Cleansolve, enviromentally friendly cleaning!
Forrest cleaning should be dane ecologically and responsibly protecting the oldest species, maintaining the main vegetation wich in turn, reduces the enviromental damages caused by fires.

Specialized Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning

Cleansolve, also offer the offer the following cleaning services wich by their specific nature, we classify as special:

Cleaning facades;

Cleaning Windows and window frames;

Cleaning Roofs;

Cleaning Graffiti;

Road sign cleaning;

Cleaning Solar And Photovoltaic panels;

Cleansolve has personell who are trained to work in hight altitudes. We have the equipment necessary to carry out our walk in safety.

Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services

Cleansolve lda. developes disinfection interventions, that are complementary to cleaning services which are focused on the reinforcement of disinfection, of critical and semi-critical surfaces and spaces, in order to prevent the spread of various harmful agentes, such as SARS and COVID -19


The purpose of this service is to combat the “dirt” microbiology ( bacterias, virus and fungus )

The disinfection of Cleansolve service areas, is a preventative measure and highly recommended for frequented facilities and areas that are continuousley exposed to various people, such as,

  • Offices spaces
  • Commercial establishments
  • Sports Installations
  • Gymnasuims
  • Condominiums
  • Hotel units
  • Public Spaces
  • Public Services
  • Public transport and vehicles
  • Industrial sites

Withourt health risks and friendly to the environment
Disinfection interventions that are isolated and repeated on critcal and semi- critcal spaces are preferential to “indiscriminate” disinfection on a larger scale.
In this way we avoid all adverse effects on the enviorement and health, which are derived from the usage of large quantaties of Boicides.

Please Note, Disinfection does not substitute for cleaning, which should be carried out completely, being that the result is not visible ( as microorganisms are present even if the surface areas appear to be clean.)

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